No you can only have one account! This system is meant to assist people. Greed will not be tolerated. Any duplicate account found will be blacklisted by our system.
Yes you can. If you introduce anybody using your invitation link, you will get 10% of whatever that person will pay. E.g, if you introduce someone that invests N100,000 you will be credited with N10,000 in your account.
You will have to wait for Three weeks to be paired with people that will pay you three times the value of your money.
We have paid out over N8,000,000.00 since inception. There are lots of people registering, therefore there is enough to go round provided we all aren't greedy and stick to one account per individual
No the system does not allow that as this it is also regarded as having multiple accounts.
Due to security reasons, bank details cannot be changed after the first entry. It can be changed by sending an email to the support@threeslots.com only. This is to avoid people getting access to your account and changing your details without your knowledge

What other Users say.

gift1 Wonderful! Just got my first payment
aigbo Great to be benefiting, long live threeslot
samir I'm happy to join this platform

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